January 4th, 2019

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ANCHOR TEXT: “The little you had before I came has increased greatly, and the Lord has blessed you wherever I have been. But now, when may I do something for my own household?”

Genesis 30:30.

A man’s value is his contribution or impact, be it physical or mental, and as value increases, earning will increase, because an average human being naturally puts his or her hard-earned money to where he gets or where he thinks he can get value. In verses 27 and 28 of today’s scripture, it was clear that Jacob added value to the business of Laban tremendously; how and why? First, Jacob’s notice of exit was painful to Laban (verse 27): second, Laban was ready to pay more to retain Jacob (verse 28). Were Jacob not valuable; were Jacob a liability, Laban would not have wanted to do anything to retain him.Do you not see how perspective buyers are willing to pay to buy a valuable footballer? An average footballer’s earning is directly proportional to his value or worth.  When your value increases, your worth increases, and of course, your earning increases. But you can only get better when you know more, and you can only know more when you learn more. You can always raise your value; you can always earn more. First, read in your field a book or magazine that contains updated information that can help you to be more effective at what you do for at least one hour every day. Second, take every course, attend seminars available on the key skills that can help you. Also, attend the conventions and business meetings of your profession. Third, listen to audio programmes on radio.

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